Our Schools Vision:

We aim to create a nurturing, inclusive school community where children excel in their personal achievement and development. We are deeply aware children only get one chance at their pre – school and primary education and it is our duty to enable our pupils to become responsible citizens, lifelong learners and effective contributors to their local community.

We believe that every child will succeed through experiencing

  • An environment which is inclusive
  • An ethos of support and encouragement
  • A range of learning experiences both in class and outside of the classroom
  • A shared approach to learning
  • Effective partnerships between home, school and community

We demonstrate our dedication to a learning community by:

  • Striving for continuous improvement in all areas of school life
  • Monitoring and evaluation standards of our provision effectively
  • Rigorous self-evaluation

We want our pupil to:

  • Experience success and achieve their own personal targets
  • Transfer skills from school to home
  • Develop both academically and socially
  • Work independently and as a team, enjoying school life and the experiences they receive
  • Become lifelong learners, confident to trial and error